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Creating Assignments

Last Updated: May 25, 2018 04:28PM EDT
Assignments are a way for teachers to assign a thematic challenge or lesson to their students and then group the results in a specific library. An assignment can be something as simple as "write a story about summer" or more nuanced, like "watch this short film and figure out the theme. Write your own story on the same theme." You can direct which of Storybird's three creation formats--picture book, longform story, or poetry--students should use for an assignment, or you can let them self-select any format. 

When you prepare an assignment, you include a short paragraph to explain the challenge; media—a story, poem, picture, video, etc—to inspire or frame the core idea; and a due date. You can also prescribe what art they use: anything, a particular artist, or art based on certain keywords.

Assignments appear on your students's dashboards. When they complete their work, it's pooled into an assignment library for everyone to read and comment upon. 

Assignments appear in your Review tool and can be used to filter work: for instance, "show me all work associated with the Summer Challenge". 

How many assignments can I make?
As many as you'd like. You can treat them individually, or make several as part of an overall lesson plan. 

How will my students know about an assignment?
Assignments appear on their class dashboard and also create a notification. Both link to the assignment page which includes the description, supporting media, and due date. 

What happens after the assignment due date?
Technically, nothing. The date is simply used for you to keep track of multiple assignments and for your students to know when they're due. However, you can shift a due date further back if required by editing your assignment details.

Can I change an assignment due date after issuing an assignment?
Yes. You can edit it at any time, even after the assignment due date has passed. Just click the assignment settings gear beside your assignment title.

Can I change the media I included when I made the assignment?
Yes. You can swap a story for a video, a video for a poem, and so on. Just tap the assignment settings gear beside your assignment title. As for your students, they'll automatically see the change on their dashboards.

Can I delete an assignment?
Yes. Tap the assignment settings gear beside your assignment title and click "Delete this assignment" at the bottom of the page. Note that this deletes the assignment but NOT the stories associated with the assignment. They will still be available in your class library.

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