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What is Subscribe/Subscribers?

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 11:04AM EDT
Storybird lets you subscribe to writers and artists. When they publish new books or artwork, these appear in your dashboard timeline. The more people you subscribe to, the more interesting your timeline.

People can subscribe to you, too. Then, your public books or reposts appear in their timelines. The more people that subscribe to you, the more your books or reposts get noticed.

How to subscribe / unsubscribe / manage
You can subscribe to people by tapping on the author button or by visiting their profile. You can unsubscribe the same way. People receive a notification and email when you subscribe to them. They do NOT receive any notification when you unsubscribe.

Your Subscriptions/Subscribers lists are available under your Subscriptions tab on your Dashboard. The Subscriptions list is who you have subscribed to. The Subscribers list are the people who have subscribed to you.

Special features

1. Turn off reposts: if someone you are subscribed to is reposting too much stuff or stuff you don't like, use this feature. You'll still see the books they publish; you just won't see other people's books or artwork they repost.

2. Turn off instant notification: when someone you subscribe to publishes a book, we notify you in your dashboard and through email. If they publish too much, or you simply don't want to be notified when their books go live, use this feature. (Alternatively, if you don't want any notifications from anyone, you can change this in your Account.)

3. Block: you can block any member on Storybird. Once blocked, they can't subscribe to you, see your stories in their feed, and can't comment on/heart/repost your stories.

You can unblock people, too. (Note: the people you block or unblock are not notified.)

Please Note: The subscribe/subscription feature was previously referred to as 'following/followers'.


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