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Last Updated: May 24, 2018 12:16PM EDT
Is my class private?

Yes, classes are private. Student names are hidden, comments are private, and stories are contained within your virtual class walls. However, you can use embed codes to share your students stories on your blog or wiki. And, parents can log in through their child's account or via the private student showcase link to view their work.

Classes don't feel private, though. Students can find, read, and comment on each others' stories as if everything were public thanks to the class graph, which knows who is connected and what they can see.

How do students and staff log in?

Via Google login, or a username/password combination on Students are not required to have email addresses.

What student data is collected, including metadata?

Storybird does not require collection of any student data. Optionally, students or teachers can enter an email address to be used for password retrieval and administrative tasks (Google login is also used only for this purpose on student accounts). Educators can also optionally add student names into their (private) classrooms to help them remember which username goes with which student. This additional optional data is private and not available external to the classroom or the administrative purposes noted above. The only other information that could be collected would be autobiographical information inside student stories. However, this information is not externally available (stories remain private in the classroom) and it is not formatted as metadata.

What 3rd party companies do you share data with? 

We don't share data with third parties. We do run two analytics tools which help us better understand our business: Google Analytics and New Relic. However, no private student data is submitted to those tools. 

Is any student data used for the purpose of advertisement?


Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Right here:
Privacy Policy
Terms of Service

Who owns the copyright on my students writing?

Our Terms of Service spell this out in detail, here's a summary and plain-language explanation of the key bits.

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