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What are IRL Connections?

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2013 11:55AM EST
IRL (In Real Life) Connections are people you know in-real-life: friends, family, and schoolmates. IRL Connections see your stories instantly and automatically, before moderation. (Sort of like a "sneak peek".)

This is different than your Storybird Connections who are friends you make on Storybird but don't actually know in-real-life. Storybird Connections only see your stories after they're moderated.

IRL Connections are created using email addresses. Generally, the people you actually know (and can trust) are people with whom you share your email address. (If you have an email address of someone you don't know, don't use it for an IRL Connection.)

To create an IRL Connection:

1. Tap the settings icon beside the Follow button on a member's profile page or in your Following/Followers list.

2. Add their email address to verify the IRL Connection.

After you've made the IRL Connection, you will automatically follow the member and see their stories in your feed the moment they're published. Note that IRL Connections are one-way/asynchronous. If you want the member to see your stories immediately, they have to create an IRL Connection with your email address.

Need to break an IRL Connection? Just tap the settings icon and choose "Break IRL Connection".

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