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Printing your PDF download

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2015 01:25PM EST
PDFs will print on any color or b&w home printer with standard paper. (You can also take the file to a copy shop where the ink quality is richer and paper choices are wider.)

Specialty and craft formats: 

Picture book and Poetry downloads are available in craft formats:
- Print and fold our picture books into adorable pocket-sized mini books. Get instructions.
- Cut and fold poetry into greeting cards. Get instructions.

Longform stories (simple version) craft 'book'.
- Select 2 pages per sheet and ensure the page is horizontal. Your printer instructions will vary.
- Print your story
- Fold the pages in half so the images/text face externally (this essentially makes a 2-sided page)
- Staple the pages together at the margin to make a 'book'
- Trim white edges if you like using a ruler and craft knife and rubber mat.

Longform stories (more advanced booklet version) craft 'book'
For more advanced users, Adobe Reader contains a 'booklet' setting that can also be used. This is useful if your printer prints 2-sided, or if you're willing to flip the pages over and re-feed them into the printer. The instructions are beyond the scope of this FAQ, but can be found on Adobe's site here.

Professionally printing Longform PDFs:

We don't yet offer a hardcover or softcover edition for longform stories. However, you can take your PDF to your local printer to get a professional print:

Take your PDF to a Kinkos or local printer and ask for it to be printed as a booklet (or a perfect bound book if they offer that). Their system will organize the pages in a process called 'imposition' or 'printer's spreads' to ensure that the book prints double-sided. They'll also ensure it prints edge-to-edge. It should look and feel like a real book after this process. 


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