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Longform Stories

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019 12:19AM EDT
Longform stories are a more sophisticated, traditional way to write a story, using familiar paperback-style formatting which can be broken into chapters.

You can start a Longform book by choosing 'Longform Story' from the 'write' menu at the top of the screen.

Clicking on the lightning bolt in the centre of a picture starts a new draft Longform Book using that artist's work.

Clicking on the '...' button just below a picture shows you the artwork of that artist.

You can use the search bubble to search for a single word, and artists that have artwork linked to your search word will appear. You can then choose from one of those artists, click on the lighting bolt, and begin your Longform Book.

Use your cursor to drag artwork onto the cover area or to insert a picture into the body of your text.

Use your cursor to drag artwork around the outer page so you can discover other pictures from the artist you've chosen.

Change your cover image by dragging a new image on top of the cover area.

Delete an image that is in the body of your text by placing your cursor after the image then use the backspace key to delete it (like it was part of the existing text).

Change the book's font by clicking on the 'change font' button in the upper right corner, and selecting from the drop down menu. Only one font can be used per book, and all chapters will be updated when you switch fonts.

Add chapters to your book by clicking on the chapter button in the upper right corner of the editor and selecting 'new chapter'.

Change the order of your chapters by clicking on the chapter button in the upper right corner of the editor and clicking on the up or down arrows beside any existing chapter. This will move the selected chapter one chapter earlier or later in the order.

Delete a chapter by clicking on the chapter button in the upper right corner of the editor and clicking on the trash can icon that is beside the chapter you wish to delete.

You can add bold and italic text by highlighting a section of text and clicking on the B button (for bold text) or I button (for italics) at the top of the screen.

You can change the placement of your text, paragraph by paragraph. Place your cursor into a paragraph and then select flush left, centred, or flush right from the buttons at the top of the screen.

A word counter in the upper right keeps track of the length of your story.

Preview how your book will look on the Storybird site by clicking 'preview' in the upper left.

Clicking on the 'save' button will save your progress (you'll need to title your book in order to save).

The 'save & exit' button will allow you to leave storymaker and save your progress. It will also give you the choice to publish your book or keep it as a draft.

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