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What is Storybird and how is it used?

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 12:47PM EST
Storybird is a language arts tool. We use illustrations to inspire Members to write stories, and encourage ongoing writing practice with badges and other rewards. Storybird is free to use for everyone. Purchases such as memberships (not sold to students) and printed copies of your own story are optional and not necessary to use the Site.

All stories in the public library are fully moderated by humans, and public comments are tightly filtered through a combination of human and machine moderation to remove PII, and to foster a positive environment suitable for all ages. Stories written by students are not allowed in the public library.

Educators onboard students directly by creating accounts or inviting them via class code. They may create and issue assignments, moderate comments, review student work, apply a grade or comment. Educators may choose to run a fundraiser where family members may purchase a copy of their child’s story. 

Students have access to our curated illustration library and use those images to illustrate their stories. Stories written by students are not allowed in the public library. If the student is part of a class, published stories are shared with the class, any can be commented on by other students in the same classroom. Purchase options are made available so parents can purchase their child’s work as a personal keepsake.

To foster positive digital citizenship and online dialogue, students may read and comment on stories Regular members have published to the Storybird public library. Students may subscribe to the stories of public members but their stories cannot be seen or subscribed to by anyone outside of their class. 

Regular Members may publish publicly. Stories are private by default, and are made public only after a member submits them to the public library, and they have been moderated and approved. Regular members can participate fully in the community. E.g. they may give and receive comments, bookmark stories and have their public stories be bookmarked, subscribe to other members stories and have subscribers to their public stories. Subscribing is limited to a feed, where members can see newly published work and reposts from members they have subscribed to. Regular members may purchase copies of their own stories, or pay to upgrade their accounts to receive additional features and enhancements. 

Artist Members are pre-approved by Storybird to provide their artwork on the site. Artists may earn royalties when users purchase stories.

Writer Members are professional writers pre-approved by Storybird to provide their stories on the site. Writers may be paid by Storybird for their work.

Parents may view or purchase their child’s work via a class code, or may receive notifications about new work their child has created. Parents of under-13 children may also view all comments on the child’s stories, as well as new followers and reposts via the parent email that is associated with their child’s account.


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