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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 08:51AM EDT
What are Challenges?

Challenges can be used to start a story and jumpstart your creativity. When used along with Storybird's imagery, Challenges can inspire even the most reluctant writers. Completing Challenges earns you badges, and printable certificates of completion. Challenges range from general (e.g. Publish a Picture Book), to more specific (e.g. Haiku poetry, fractured fairytales). All are designed to inspire your writing and help you practice.


How do I enter a Challenge?

  • Regular Accounts: Click ‘Enter’ on the Challenge page. Challenges may be unlocked for 25 Crowns. There are several Starter Challenges (e.g. ‘Create a Quick Picture Book) that are unlocked and available to everyone.
  • Regular Accounts with Upgraded Membership: All Challenges are available. Click ‘Enter’ on the Challenge page to add it to your list.
  • Student Accounts: May take a Challenge once it has been assigned by their teacher.
  • Educator Accounts: Cannot take Challenges, but may assign them to their Classes so their students can take them.

How do I complete a Challenge?

  • Regular Accounts: You enter the Challenge by clicking ‘Enter’ on the Challenge page (You are automatically entered into the Starter Challenges). Then write and submit your story or poem to the Public Library. Your entry will undergo moderation, during which time we encourage you to read at least 3 stories from other entrants. You will receive a badge on your profile, and printable certificate will become available on your Badges page once the story has been approved by a moderator.
  • Student Accounts: Your teacher must first assign the Challenge to your Class. Then, you write your story or poem, publish it, and submit it to the Challenge. Students will receive the Challenge badge and certificate immediately after publishing and their entries will only be seen by their Class and Teacher.

How do I submit my Story / Poem to a Challenge?

  • Option 1: When publishing your book: finish writing your story or poem, and click Save and Exit. Follow the directions to Publish your story Publicly and Click on the Challenge Menu to submit it to the Challenge!
  • Option 2: After publishing your book: on your Dashboard, or on your story: find and click the Gear menu associated with your story and choose Enter Challenge from the list.
  • Option 3: On the Challenge page (where you started the Challenge) and click ‘Submit’ and follow the instructions there.

I don’t see the Challenge you want on the Challenge list:

  1. Check to make sure you entered it (or it was assigned to you by your teacher) here — entered Challenges show as Grey.

  2. If you still don’t see it, check the required format. Challenges require specific formats (picture book, longform chapter, or poem). Go back to the Challenge page and make sure you’ve written the correct format for that Challenge.

  3. If you’re a Student, and a Challenge is still not available to you after the above, ask your teacher to assign the Challenge to you, or for general help finding an assigned Challenge.


What badges and certificates do I earn for completing a Challenge?

You will receive one badge per Challenge, and one printable certificate per Challenge. Additionally, challenges level up your Challenger badge, so you can earn your way up the Challenger Badge levels by doing Challenges. You can view all your Challenge badges and get links to your printable certificates here.


How can I get my entry into ‘Staff Picks’ (used to be New & Noted)?

Each Challenge will have "Staff Picks" that will be updated regularly. Storybird moderators and/or staff review every story submitted to the Challenges and nominate stand-out entries to be featured as staff picks. Featured stories are selected by Storybird staff, and we judge stories based on the quality of the writing (proofread!), originality and creativity, and adherence to the Challenge rules. Nominations are ongoing and there is no deadline for submission. Please note that Storybird staff do not accept @mentions or support emails containing suggestions for Staff Picks.


Can my Students' work be featured in Staff Picks?

No, and yes. Student work is private, and is not eligible to be featured. If students would like to enter once class is over, we recommend that teachers Connect Parents. Once class is over, connected parents are notified that student stories, badges, and Crowns can be copied into a new Regular Account. As the new account is entirely separate from the school, and has parental ownership/oversight, the child may choose enter their story into the Public Library at that time.


I’m an Educator, can I assign Challenges to my students?

Yes! You can assign a Challenge to your class by clicking the ‘Assign’ button on the Challenge. It will immediately appear to your students on their Class landing page. You can add, remove, and manage Challenges on your educator Assignments tab. The Challenge will end for your students once you remove it.


Why do I need to redeem Crowns to enter a Challenge?

Great writing takes time and effort, so to make sure you’re published alongside hard-working writers like yourself, Challenges require 25 Crowns to enter, or a paid membership. Note that there are a few Starter Challenges such as ‘Create a Quick Picture Book' that don't require any Crowns to enter. You can view those here.


Please note that Monthly Challenges are now retired.‚Äč


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