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Alert explanation: Fanfiction

Last Updated: May 29, 2015 05:53PM EDT
Short explanation: Fanfiction is not allowed on Storybird. Neither are books/chapters which are based on, or closely inspired by, existing books/movies/comics/video games or their characters.
More info: Storybird is a site for original storytelling. Fanfiction is not allowed on Storybird because it is a violation of intellectual property laws, which protect the financial and legal rights of creators of books, movies, or games. Not every place on the internet is diligent about preventing intellectual property violations, but because Storybird is a place where people are creating original work every day, we take protecting these rights seriously. Simply crediting the creator, noting that a copyright violation is not intended, or stating that your story is inspired by/based on someone else’s work is not enough—if the original creator has not signed a contract with you or is not being paid a licensing fee by you for rights to incorporate their work, then it’s against the law for us to publish it on our site or in Storybird’s public library. 
If you need ideas for how to get started writing your own original stories, try some of these ideas and prompts or read this great book full of writing advice to get inspired!
For more information and explanations about specific issues relating to our Guidelines, check the other topics in the Understanding Our Guidelines section of our Help/FAQ.

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