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Alert explanation: Promotion of political agendas, religious beliefs, or moral codes

Last Updated: May 29, 2015 01:06PM EDT
Short explanation: Your book or chapter could be considered upsetting or offensive to some of Storybird’s users, because it assumes that everyone wants to (or should) think a certain way. Storybird is committed to representing diverse viewpoints in its public library.
More info: Storybird is a community of writers and readers from all across the globe, representing a diverse array of traditions, beliefs, social behaviors, cultures, and perspectives. While we believe in giving writers room to explore and share personal topics through writing, readers are also an important part of our community, and respecting the boundaries and sensitivities of all is equally a priority. 
Writers are permitted to express personal beliefs and perspectives in their stories, so long as they do not aim to convert others or violate other community guidelines about intolerance or discrimination. They are also allowed to introduce characters with specific religious/political/social/moral perspectives, or include plots points that depend on such elements, but must do so in service of a larger narrative story, in order to be suited for public reading and sharing on Storybird. 
Storybird is intended for original, narrative storytelling, not for proselytizing; sharing lengthy quotations from religious texts; advertising or generating support for brands or charitable causes; promoting or instructing specific agendas/behaviours; asserting a specific political agenda, religious belief system, or moral code above all others; upholding worldviews or standards beyond those that serve the common social good; or offering persuasive presentations about any single point of view among these topics (particularly those that are often divisive). 
If your story does not follow these guidelines, we will ask you to edit/revise it (or consider making it a private story), before it can be included in the Storybird public library.
For more information and explanations about specific issues relating to our Guidelines, check the other topics in the Understanding Our Guidelines section of our Help/FAQ.

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