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Alert Explanation: Technical Error

Last Updated: May 29, 2015 06:26PM EDT
Short explanation: A technical error in your book/chapter needs to be fixed before it can be read by others. 
More info: Before your book or chapter can be accepted for inclusion in the Storybird public library, please review it to fix one of the following common technical errors, and then re-publish it:
  • Emoji or a custom font has been included (for many users, emoji and custom fonts will not display; please change to a normal font so that as many people as possible can read your work).
  • A sentence or paragraph is duplicated or repeated unintentionally (this is a common cut/paste error).
  • A page or chapter includes a sentence that was cut off midway by accident.
  • Multiple blank pages (this can be confusing for readers).
  • A title that is too long or has too much punctuation (these are hard for users to read; please try a more standard usage).
For more information and explanations about specific issues relating to our Guidelines, check the other topics in the Understanding Our Guidelines section of our Help/FAQ.

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