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Alert Explanation: Excessive Violence

Last Updated: May 29, 2015 01:05PM EDT
Short explanation: This book or chapter contains violent or disturbing details that are not appropriate for all Storybird readers.

More info: We get it: sometimes a story’s plot depends on violent moments: like battle scenes, fights, deaths/murders, criminal activity, abusive situations, villainous/vengeful planning, or even a character acting in violence against him/herself. The inclusion of some violence in your story is okay. It’s when it gets to be too graphic or too intense, that it becomes a problem.

If the type or amount of violence (or the level of detail to which you’ve described it) is so gruesome/disturbing/senseless that it overshadows everything else in your story, we may ask you to edit/revise it. This is to help keep Storybird a safe environment for readers of all ages. While we believe in giving writers room to explore and share their creativity, readers are also an important part of our community, and respecting their boundaries and sensitivities is equally a priority.

Additionally, there are a few violent things that are never okay at Storybird: like books that celebrate or encourage acts of abuse or cruelty (against humans or animals), or self-harm, or intentionally-explicit or provocative writing created for the sake of shock value. 
For more information and explanations about specific issues relating to our Guidelines, check the other topics in the Understanding Our Guidelines section of our Help/FAQ.

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