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How much interaction with readers is required by authors?

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2014 11:40PM EDT
Instead of exhausting yourself by fragmenting complex marketing schemes across countless mediums, on Storybird your stories and outreach are fused together, each enhancing the other. When you’re not writing, you can focus on meaningful interactions and authentic engagement. (Note: our community is fully-moderated, making it both author-friendly and reader-friendly.)

Your engagement can be very personal, or more general. The amount and type of reader interaction is up to each author, and can vary as authors determine what’s right for them. Some authors reply to every comment they receive, and/or take suggestions from readers about what should happen next in the story. Other authors reply less often to fans, and don’t involve readers in their creative process, but regularly use our Chapter Notes feature to send general messages to fans and our Author Journal feature to share tips on writing, the inspiration behind their stories and characters, and more.

Experiment, study what other authors do, and try out different techniques: whatever feels most natural to you is the way you should use Storybird.

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