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How Do I Create a School Library?

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2015 09:38PM EDT

How to make a School Library in Storybird

Here's a way to make a collection of books for your school.


Create a special account for the library

First, you may want to obtain an independent email address for your Library, such as for example. This way your own Storybird account and your school's Storybird library won't get intertwined. You’ll be using this email to administrate the library, so make sure you have access to its inbox.

Now open a new regular (non-educator) Storybird account using the new independent email address. Since this will be your 'library' give it a recognizable name, like Oakwood_PS_Library.


Copy books into the library

When a student has a book you would like to include in the library, have the student click on the 'gear icon' under their book. An option to 'copy this story to another account' will appear. You, as the library caretaker, will need to enter the username and password for the library (remember not to give the password out to students). The story will then be copied over to your library account.


View the library

Student books are not moderated for the general public so in order for students and educators to look at books in your library there is one last step. People wishing to read books in the library must make the library an IRL (in real life) connection.

To make this connection students and teachers will need to enter the library name in the search window in the upper right of the main page. Find the library in the search results and click on 'follow'. The icon should now be blue and say 'following'. Beside that is a 'gear icon' where you can choose 'make a real life connection'. Choose this and enter the library email address to verify the IRL Connection.

Now anyone who is an IRL connection to the library can read any books that you and the students have copied over.

Note that IRL Connections are one-way/asynchronous. The student will be able to see the stories in the library, but the library account won't be able to see the student's work, and users aren’t able to make IRL connect to students.

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